Top 5 National Parks in India to explore Adventure

Are you in thirst to see stunning landscape of majestic forest and wilderness of Indian wildlife? Then do justice to your need and spend some days in the top national park of India. A wildlife adventure holiday taken in these parks will show you the beauty of life beyond the concrete jungle of city.
1. Ranthambore National Park
This Indian tiger reserve is a heritage site because of the ruins of the Ranthambore Fort in this park. It was the hunting ground of Maharajas of Jaipur, and is known for its wildlife beauty.
1. It is the largest national park of North India
2. Panther population here is quite high
3. The amphibian species includes common frog and common India toad
4. It is the home for more than 300 species of birds and 30 species of animals
5. Monkey species includes common Hanuman Langurs and Macaques.
6. Sloth bear is often seen in Lakarda and Anantpura area of park
7. This park is opened for visitors from 1st October to 30th June, best time to visit is November and Feb as many migratory birds visit during this time
8. See 10th century forts and temples in Ranthambore
9. This park has 3 lakes, Raj Talao, Padam Talao and Milak Talao

2. Tadoba National Park
Being one of the oldest and largest national parks mainly known for exploring wildlife in India it has been a hunt for tourists and wild lovers. Spread over an area of 1727, this national park is the real land of tigers. It won’t be wrong to consider this wildlife reserve of India as a gateway to adventure as it’s recognised as one of the important wildlife destination in India
1. Maharashtra’s largest and oldest national park, Tadoba is named after Taru
2. Geographic beauty of this park makes it the most preferred wildlife reserve in India and most preferred for a wildlife adventure holiday in India.
3. Hear the roaring melody of more than 43 royal majestic cats of in this Indian tiger reserve national park which is one of the highest in India
4. The Irai lake of this national park is filled with water even in extreme summer
5. View mugger crocodile swimming across Tadoba Lake. A safari to this national park will give you the chance of seeing a crocodile sleeping with open mouth which usually confuses one whether it’s sleeping or awake
6. If you can dare to stand cold then be ready to see a tiger early morning in Tadoba national park by taking an open jeep safari. The tiger does not known you are coming so he can be anywhere, be excited to see it or regret missing it
7. Tadoba is declared as eco sensitive zone by Maharashtra government
8. Magical landscape of this national park includes marshlands, rugged cliff, lakes etc
9. The flora of this beautiful national reserve has deciduous trees which includes salai, bija, tendu, semal, mahua madhuca
10. Tadoba forest gets a vibrant colour due to butea monosperma
11. The fauna beauty of this national reserve is not limited to just animals, view more than 74 species of butterflies flying all over dense evergreen forest. Some rare species includes swordtails, mormons, monarch and pansies.
12. Ever heard of hunting spider, if not then see some here including crab spider, wolf spider and lynx spider
13. The trained local guide in the safari ride with their exceptional knowledge will let tourists spot concealed animals to leave you stunned.
14. Get amazed to see more than 200 species of birds found near the Tadoba lake which include orange headed ground thrush, Indian roller, paradise flycatcher and white eyed buzzard
15. Wild story of this park includes tiger battling with crocodile over a sambar carcass

3. Jim Corbett National Park
Jim Corbett National Park is located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. This park has ecological and sub-Himalayan belt geographical characteristic.

1. Rich biodiversity of the park welcomes more than 600 species of birds and thus is the ideal bird watching area.
2. Major birds in this national reserve includes pheasant, peacock, owl, barbet, red startandgull, bulbul, duck, dove, kingfisher, sunbirds
3. Population of royal majestic cats in this Indian tiger reserve national park is around 160
4. The changing season and the stunning grass land of this park in every season has unique beauty and this attracts tourists here

4. Kanha national park
This national park is located in Madhya Pradesh which is known as the king of jungle when it comes to tiger parks.
1. Bamni dadar is the attraction of this park which gives the view of beautiful sunset.
2. Tigers roam freely in the natural habitat here.
3. Attraction of this park is bamni dadar.
4. Flora and fauna is protected here making it a well maintained national park.
5. Wild attraction of this park includes barasingha, black deer, chousingha, sloth bear, porcupine, hyena, leopard, barking deer, black buck, nilgai, mouse deer, jackal fox and jungle cat.

5. Sunderban National Park

Sunderban National Park is located in the south west side of Kolkata. The climate of Sunderban National Park is quite humid owing to heavy rainfall in this area. Primarily known for royal Bengal tiger but it is also known for jungle cat, flying fox, Indian pangolin, wild boar, fox etc.Main forest of this area is estuarine mangrove forest. Common plants found in this area are Passur, dhundal, kankra, garjan and goran.

There are good numbers of reptiles found here. Some commonly seen animals in this beautiful national park are king cobra, python, crocodile, Russel vipers, python and rat snakes
When you decide to spend holiday preferably wildlife holiday adventure, choose a national park that will do justice to your need. While every national park has beauty of nature, the park which has reserved the most of it fulfils expectation of a wildlife tourist completely.