5 ways to know he’s two-timing you

This could be a tell tale sign that your guy is indulging in bed romps outside. However, another reason could be his porn addiction. Sudden drop in libido definitely indicates a serious underlying issue. Deal with it before it’s too late.

When he gets too protective about his mobile phone

Is he avoiding calls in your presence or quickly replying to messages when he’s with you? Reason could be that he wants to give you quality time, but make sure there’s nothing more to it. If he’s not comfortable in taking calls in your presence or prefers to move away from your audible/hearing range to catch up on a call, means there is something that he is trying to hide.

When he talks about someone from the opposite sex

When you meet someone new, you have a rush of emotions. You want to talk about that person with everyone. For obvious reasons, he will avoid that with you. But does he suddenly bring up someone in a conversation and then try to skirt it with other discussion?

When his friends act weird

Well, most of the friends will stay loyal to him and ensure that you are not let in to this secret. No matter how annoying it might get for you, the signs of guilt will be evident enough on their face.

When he disappears too much

Today he’s out for team dinner; tomorrow he is packing off to a destination. And is this all happening in a pattern that seems too odd? Listen to the warning signs in your head.

Source: Circle2Corner.com